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Greiner Packaging has developed a special yogurt cup made of PP that reduces material usage by 20 percent. © Greiner Packaging

One key approach is reducing material usage while maintaining or improving recyclability to save weight as well as cutting carbon emissions.

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Diverse assortment of (r-)PET bottle types – different closure options, including pump dispensers and screw-on caps, based on the standard 28/410 neck. © Greiner Packaging

Sanitizer bottles have been a part of our everyday lives since spring 2020 due to COVID-19. As a result, Greiner Packaging has expanded its range of…

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Thanks to their size alone, multidose refill bottles provide the eye-catching look that is required on the supermarket shelf, even without extra outer packaging. Plus, the bottles can be boldly designed and decorated. © Greiner Packaging

The bottle can be used for multiple refill doses, doing the work of four conventional spray bottles and trigger sprayers

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Another award: The packaging solution for Henkel detergent produced by Greiner Packaging, which now contains 50 percent r-PP. © Greiner Packaging

The packaging solutions for Persil 4in1 DISCS detergent came out winners at the Worldstar Global Packaging Awards 2021 organized by the WPO.

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Greiner AG Office Vienna © Greiner AG Michaela Kraus

In the course of its search for specialist personnel, Greiner is extending its feelers in the direction of the Austrian capital.

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Oliver Bruns, CEO NEVEON and Axel Kühner, CEO Greiner AG © Greiner AG

In order to create a competitive edge, the six business areas in Greiner’s Foam Division have been unified under a joint umbrella brand.

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Smart, convenient, and 100 percent recyclable: The new fold-out spoon from Greiner Packaging and Cardbox Packaging. © Greiner Packaging

Convenience on the go – now even more eco-friendly: with a 100 percent recyclable cardboard spoon.

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Cryo.s tubes for freezing and storage of samples, e.g. tissue and cells. © Greiner Bio-One GmbH

BioNTech says thank you

The immunotherapy company BioNTech thanks Greiner Bio-One as one of its business partners for its support in the development of the first effective…

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