The Future of Foam

NEVEON is a leading integrated manufacturer of flexible and composite polyurethane foams for a wide range of applications.

Rethinking Foam. Making Life Better.

The cozy mattress, the noise-reducing acoustic part, the energy-saving insulation, the durable sports equipment, the protective packaging or the ultra-light aircraft seat: Although our products and their areas of application are diverse, in line with the NEVEON guiding principle “Rethinking Foam. Making Life Better,” they always have a common denominator. They offer long-term added value, improve the energy balance in many contexts and make life more convenient and safer. Simply put: better!

NEVEON | Facts and figures 2023

641 million
Sales revenue

With its large network of locations and motivated employees, NEVEON guarantees customer proximity, the shortest delivery times and the best quality.

Annual report

Development of NEVEON

In the ever-changing business world, our foam division is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Jürgen Kleinrath, CEO NEVEON
Jürgen Kleinrath

As Chief Executive Officer, Jürgen Kleinrath has been managing the business of our foam division NEVEON since July 2022.

"Our primary goal is to grow healthily and profitably, as this is the only way we will be able to realize our vision in the long term, create added value and ultimately have a positive impact on the world."


NEVEON is based in Vienna, Austria, where a large part of the administration is located.

Globally on site: A network of 55 locations in 14 countries guarantees customer proximity, the shortest delivery times and the best product quality. 


Foam production

  • Block foam
  • Molded foam 
  • Composite foam


  • Gluing and laminating
  • Flocking
  • Impregnating
  • Friction and ultrasonic welding 
  • Hot stamping
  • Thermoforming 
  • Twilling
  • Packaging 
  • PE lamination
  • Textile/artificial leather/leather cut & sew
  • Assembly processes for add-on parts in JIT and JIS concepts


  • Longitudinal splitting (roll)
  • Horizontal and vertical cutting
  • Compression cutting
  • Contour cutting
  • Reticulation
  • Shape profiling
  • Water jet cutting
  • Milling 
  • Rotary and flatbed die cutting

Market segments

NEVEON produces standard and specialty foams in over 300 qualities. These are sold as blocks, rolls and sheets, and are also processed into semi-finished and finished products for a wide range of business areas in the comfort sector, the mobility sector and for various special applications.

Living & Care

For the Living & Care market segment, NEVEON produces and processes foams for optimum sleeping and living comfort. NEVEON markets its products via two product lines: .bedding (mattresses, toppers, pillows, care applications) and .upholstery (furniture structures and individual cuts). Sustainability is always a top priority: For example, renewable or recycled raw materials are used and attention is paid to the particular durability of the products.


In the Mobility market segment, NEVEON is a reliable partner for comfort foams and technical foams for passenger transportation. NEVEON markets its products via three product lines: .automotive (lightweight foam absorbers, seat cushions and headliners), .aviation (seat cushions, seat covers, special products) and .railway (seat cushions, seat covers).


For the Specialties market segment, NEVEON produces and processes foams and hybrid materials for a wide range of product and industrial applications. NEVEON markets its products via seven product lines: .insulation (hot water, boilers, heat pumps), .acoustics (industrial acoustics, room acoustics, impact sound insulation), .construction (impact sound insulation and vibration insulation, building protection mats), .filtration & . sealing (filter foams for liquids and gases and as carrier material, industrial seals), .consumables (discs and rollers for surface treatment, clothing and shoes, household and natural sponges), .packaging (reusable and disposable packaging, case solutions) and .sports (sports flooring, safety solutions, wearables).