Sustainability at Greiner

Climate, Circular Economy, People

As a global player in the plastics and foam industry, we take responsibility and want to be a role model for other companies. For this to succeed, sustainability must be established as an integral part of our corporate mindset and actions.

Annual and Sustainability Report 2023

With responsibility for people and the environment

As a company in the plastics and foam industry, we are aware that a sustainable model will ultimately be our “license to operate.” In order to make this approach a reality, we are taking responsibility and tackling tomorrow’s challenges today. Our Blue Plan sustainability strategy, with its three pillars of climate, circular economy and people, serves as a framework and guideline. Our aim is to be transparent about where we stand in terms of our sustainability efforts and where there is still room for improvement. We are fully invested in achieving our ambitious goals, because one thing is clear: We must act now to promote the sustainable transformation of our company.  

Blue Plan sustainability strategy

In 2020, we presented our “Blue Plan” sustainability strategy, which is based on three pillars: climate, circular economy and people. We have drafted ambitious targets in our strategy, which we will achieve by 2030. These targets are continuously analyzed and, if necessary, updated in line with internal and external requirements and needs. This underscores our commitment to transforming our company sustainably and making our contribution to sustainable development.

Sustainability ratings

To give our business partners an insight into our sustainability efforts, we have assessments performed by EcoVadis and CDP.


Complex challenges such as the fight against the climate crisis and the establishment of a circular economy require joint solutions – across all countries, sectors and stages of the value chain.

Codes of Conduct and policies

In order to establish trust with our business partners while also being prepared for the challenges of the future, we need clear specifications, policies and instructions that are aimed at different stakeholders depending on the focus.

Sustainability reports

Transparency is very important to us. Since 2018, we have voluntarily published our sustainability performance in our separate sustainability reports.

Sustainability Team

Experts are needed to drive developments forward and develop the right goals and processes. These experts should approach the diverse topics of sustainability with passion and great experience and act with sensitivity and enthusiasm.

Greiner Sustainability team Melbinger Isabella
Greiner Sustainability team Plank Ina
Greiner Sustainability team Reiter Karin
Greiner Sustainability team Schalko Alexander
Greiner Co-Head of Sustainability team Schellander Sabine
Greiner Sustainability team Vollgruber Doris
Greiner Sustainability Team Berth Alexander
Isabella Melbinger
Sustainability Manager, Greiner AG

“As the person responsible for environmental sustainability issues, my primary goal is to make a decisive contribution to the sustainable transformation of Greiner. I am involved in various projects that deal with renewable energy, mobility, efficient use of resources and promoting awareness of the issue of sustainability.”

Ina Plank
Expert Sustainability Reporting, Greiner AG

“My job revolves around preparing and analyzing figures. Without the collection of sustainability indicators, it would not be possible to identify where the greatest potential for improvement lies and which measures will best advance the achievement of our goals. The non-financial targets help us to live up to our responsibility and establish a dialog with important interest groups.” 

Karin Reiter
Expert Supply Chain Sustainability, Greiner AG

“I process, coordinate and manage sustainability measures in relation to our supply chain. Our customers’ requirements are constantly rising. It is therefore essential and crucial for our competitive edge that we take a close look at our supply chain and answer questions about our suppliers relating to the environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.” 

Alexander Schalko
Co-Head of Sustainability, Greiner AG

“Sustainability is not a trend that appears and then disappears without a trace. Sustainability stands for change – change in the current economic practices and business models of numerous companies. Witnessing these changes and finding answers to the most pressing questions of our time is what makes working in the field of sustainability so exciting and important for me.”

Sabine Schellander
Co-Head of Sustainability, Greiner AG

“To be successful in sustainability, you have to be both a realist and a dreamer. You must be able to deal with progress just as quickly as you do setbacks, and you have to face uncertainties and celebrate achievements, but when all is said and done, nothing is more exciting than working on a new future.”

Doris Vollgruber
Expert Climate, Greiner AG

“Working on the decarbonization of the company gives me such joy, as it means an opportunity to reduce our environmental impact and have a positive influence on the world. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to sustainable solutions and move us in a greener, more innovative direction.”

Alexander Berth
Diversity & Social Impact Manager, Greiner AG

“A sustainable future starts with ourselves. Together with my colleagues, I am committed to providing the best working conditions in a responsible and respectful environment. I am passionate about diversity, fairness and inclusion. Our goal is equal opportunities for everyone!”

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