Greiner Talks Podcast © Michaela Kraus
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Our Greiner Talks podcast series is all about transformation. Because in order to overcome the major challenges of our time, we need to fundamentally change the way we think and act.
Greiner Talks Podcast © Michaela Kraus

We talk transformation

As one of the world's leading suppliers of plastic and foam solutions, Greiner is aware of its enormous responsibility towards people and the environment. Our ambitious Blue Plan sustainability strategy supports us in our daily activities. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: the challenges facing the plastics and foam industry are immense and can only be solved by working together.

Alexander Berth, Diversity & Social Impact Manager at Greiner, regularly discusses perspectives for sustainable change with high-caliber experts from around the world in the Greiner Talks podcast. Because we will only be successful if we break old patterns of thought and behavior.

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Greiner Talks Pocdast Host Alexander Berth
Alexander Berth | Diversity & Social Impact Manager, Greiner AG
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