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Greiner Bio-One

Making a difference.

Greiner Bio-One is a global player in the biotechnology field, the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries, and the medical and in-vitro diagnostic areas. The company’s portfolio is marketed in over 100 countries worldwide and includes products for blood, urine and saliva sampling. Continual innovation serves Greiner Bio-One as a basis for top performance in basic research, investigations into active pharmaceutical substances, preanalytics and diagnostics. As a result, Greiner Bio-One offers scientists a suitable platform for their research work, laboratories for precise analytical results and physicians a basis for reliable diagnosis and therapy.

As early as 1963, Greiner Bio-One established a milestone with the first plastic petri dish and also produced the world’s first plastic vacuum blood collection system. Today, innovative products for the taking of human and veterinary samples are manufactured and marketed worldwide under the VACUETTE® trade name. In addition, over many years the company has developed safety products, which largely prevent needle-related injuries in the health sector. Special products for the analysis and cultivation of cell cultures, as well as microplates for high-speed screening also represent clear evidence of Greiner Bio-One’s innovative capabilities. With the rapid development of the VACUETTE® virus stabilization tube and an intense focus upon research and laboratory products of relevance to COVID-19, Greiner Bio-One is making a key contribution to the conquest of the pandemic.


Key figures 2021
Sales revenues (in EUR m) 695
Employees 2,540
Locations 28

CEO: Rainer Perneker

Business Units: BioScience, Preanalytics, OEM, Mediscan

Headquarters: Kremsmünster, Österreich