Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Equal opportunities for everyone at Greiner!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are very important to Greiner. Why? We see diversity as a great enrichment for our corporate culture and the quality of our daily collaboration.

Our vision

We provide equal opportunities for everyone and act as a role model for creating an inclusive organization and society.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating an open and inclusive environment where everyone is heard, respected, and appreciated. As a global player, we actively use our influence to create equal opportunities inside and outside the company. We make sure employee potential is not limited by characteristics such as gender, age, background, social status, sexual orientation, religion, or mental and physical abilities. Based on our guiding principles, we will work toward specific targets and communicate them openly.

Our Guiding Principles

No matter what it takes, we will take action!

Creating fair workplaces
It is our responsibility to address discrimination, structural prejudice, and unconscious biases. By educating colleagues, learning from each other, and making the topic visible, we can identify, address, and mitigate inequalities.
Designing an inclusive employee journey
We are committed to ensuring that each employee journey is filled with transparency and access to equal opportunities. From employer branding and recruiting to workforce retention, we want to be inclusive and fair.
Empowering individual life choices
We want to provide both a rewarding career and free time for a personal life. With this in mind, we seek to strike a balance between family life, education, and work at any stage of life.
Developing inclusive products and services
When developing new products or services, we strive to consider aspects of diversity and inclusion that are relevant for our customers, users, and other stakeholders.
Engaging our supply chain and partners
Diversity, equity, and inclusion go far beyond our company. We actively encourage our suppliers, customers, and partners to contribute to the implementation of our vision, mission, and guiding principles to ultimately achieve an equitable society.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy

Clear and uniform rules are required to achieve equal opportunities. Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy creates a common understanding, describes roles and responsibilities as well as general guidelines that promote the realization of equal opportunities in all our divisions, operating units and business areas worldwide.

Guideline for inclusive communication

How we communicate with each other has a significant impact on our working atmosphere and corporate culture. In order to strengthen respectful, appreciative and non-discriminatory communication at Greiner, we have been providing all employees with a guideline for inclusive communication since 2024. This guideline is a supplement to the Group-wide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy.

Equal opportunities mean continuous work

We have set ourselves ambitious targets to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. By 2030, we want to fill 40% of our management positions in the company with women. The proportion of women in all areas of work outside of production should be 50% by 2025. By signing the UN Women's Empowerment Principles, we have also made a public commitment to gender equality in the world of work.

But for us, equal opportunities are more than just gender equality. Whether it is supporting cultural diversity, the inclusion of people with disabilities or the compatibility of family and career - our international and cross-divisional Advisory Board on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion deals with numerous topics. As a member of the “Charta der Vielfalt” (Diversity Charter), we are committed to reviewing our processes and ensuring that they are fair and inclusive. Because one thing is clear to us: equal opportunities do not happen by themselves, nor do they happen overnight. We have to work on it every day and do so with numerous initiatives, measures and targets.

Find out more about our activities and our performance in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion in the latest Annual & Sustainability Report.

Whistleblowing platform and point of contact

We have established a whistleblowing platform to ensure equal opportunities in the best possible way and to prevent discrimination, bullying, mobbing and harassment. Incidents of any kind can be reported anonymously via by our employees as well as by customers and business partners. 

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Greiner Talks Pocdast Host Alexander Berth
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