Greiner Hard Talks

Greiner Hard Talks

We need to speak!

Important topics, tough questions, exciting answers – this is Greiner Hard Talks. In our new interview format, we invite Greiner's top management to discuss the global challenges of the present and the future. Questions about change, transformation and sustainability offer plenty to talk about and are sure to challenge the participants.

How do plastics, foam and sustainability fit together? How can we create a better future for generations to come? And what challenges do we need to overcome as a company? Get to know our executives from a new perspective and learn more about their views on the big issues of our time.

Change is the only constant

“The advantages of mixed teams become more and more visible – also in top management.”

Barbara Desl has been CFO at Greiner Packaging for five years. In the sixth episode of Greiner Hard Talks, she talks about sustainability, diversity and corporate culture. Find out why Barbara Desl will only be satisfied when women and men are equally represented in management positions; why higher costs for sustainable materials cannot be an obstacle, and why the necessary transformation won´t be achieved without a cultural change.

Reduce to the essentials

"The pandemic helps us to rethink our global footprint."

Our guest in the fifth episode of Greiner Hard Talks is Rainer Perneker, CEO of Greiner Bio-One. Providing medical equipment to protect our health is more important than ever. The products of Greiner Bio-One are indispensable, especially in times of a pandemic. Nevertheless, it is essential to minimize any negative impact on our environment. We need to consider resource consumption, emissions and waste, which is often unavoidable in the medical sector. Do we have to accept environmental impacts in exchange for the supply of medical products?

Let's face the challenge!

"Which targets would our children give us?"

In the fourth edition of Greiner Hard Talks, we welcome Manfred Stanek, CEO of Greiner Packaging. Every single year, Greiner Packaging uses 200,000 tons of materials and causes 120,000 tons of CO2 emissions. The environmental impact is enormous – and so is our responsibility towards the next generations. On the one hand, packaging protects food and other valuable contents; on the other hand, the production of packaging itself consumes resources. Do we need to accept this trade-off? How can we finally establish recycling loops and avoid single-use packaging? And what do we need to do to prevent plastic waste from entering our environment?

What’s the future of foam, Oliver Bruns?

“The future of foam has to be a closed-loop ecosystem.”

In this episode of Greiner Hard Talks, we welcome Oliver Bruns, CEO of NEVEON since July 2020. There is no way around foam products in everyday life. Whether you are lying in your bed, sitting in the car, or going on vacation by plane – NEVEON products are everywhere. However, to recycle foam products remains a big challenge for the industry. So how do foam and sustainability go together, and when will we manage to close the much-needed loops?

Hannes Moser on growth and sustainability

“The way of doing business must be different than in the past.”

As CFO of Greiner, Hannes Moser has been making important strategic decisions for almost ten years. These decisions are increasingly driven by sustainability considerations. But is it actually possible to get growth and sustainability together? What’s the importance of sustainability when negotiating with banks? And why is transformation crucial to survive as a company? These are only some of the questions that Hannes Moser discusses with Stefan Grafenhorst, Head of Sustainability at Greiner AG.

Please take a seat, Axel Kühner!

“It’s not about avoiding plastics, it’s about avoiding plastics waste.”

In the first episode of our new format, we welcome Axel Kühner, the CEO of Greiner AG. For almost twelve years, he has been managing the activities of the Greiner Group. Not an easy task when thinking about the ecological and social responsibility of an international plastics and foam company. What is Axel's attitude towards sustainability, transformation and plastic bans? What does he think about the public perception of plastic and the pollution of our oceans? And which famous person would he like to meet for dinner? These are only some of the questions which Stefan Grafenhorst, Head of Sustainability at Greiner AG, will be asking our CEO. Tune in and form your own opinion!