Sustainability at Greiner: Plastics for Life

Together with innovativeness, responsibility is firmly anchored in Greiner’s DNA. Indeed in 2016, which was well before the topic of plastic waste had attained the status of headline news in daily media reporting, with its “Plastics for Life” sustainability strategy the group undertook a binding commitment to the socially and environmentally compatible handling of plastics.

Plastics for Life is a guideline for both product development and production, which was prepared in the course of intensive teamwork with Joschka Fischer & Company, and apart from economic considerations also focuses on both the positive and negative ecological effects of plastics production. The establishment of circular systems, in which at the end of their life cycle the raw materials employed are returned in their entirety to the production process, plays a key role in this regard.    

Greiner examines every aspect of the topic of cyclical economics. Accordingly, the recycling capacity of products is allocated maximum priority and forms both the starting-point of their development and the basis of their design. Greiner also sees innovative potential in the use of bio-plastics and combinations of paper and plastics.

In line with the motto “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, Greiner is a member of numerous initiatives such as the UK Plastics Pact, which is searching for new solutions in cooperation with supermarkets and consumer goods producers. Furthermore, Greiner has signed up to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's, Global Commitment and hence the global fight against the worldwide pollution caused by plastics. In March 2020, Greiner joined the world’s largest global initiative for corporate responsibility and sustainability, the UN Global Compact network and since May 2020 Greiner is active on the platform "Verpackung mit Zukunft" (future packaging), together with other companies along the packaging value added chain.


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