Innovation at Greiner

From the Idea to Innovation

Positive current performance no longer represents a guarantee of future success. Digitization, globalization, increasing customer demands and intensive competition are all pressurizing companies into launching innovations onto the market with ever-greater speed. Only those that show courage and are ready to occasionally risk self-cannibalization remain able to compete.

Genuine innovations and groundbreaking changes cannot be created within existing structures. Therefore, in 2010 a separate company, Greiner Technology & Innovation, was founded for the purposes of innovation management and technological business intelligence. This company provides start-up support, trendwatching and the identification and evaluation of future-oriented technologies. In addition, it also assists the operative divisions in the innovation management field, which involves the most efficient transition possible of an idea into an innovation.


Greiner Technology & Innovation Contact Data

Greiner Technology & Innovation GmbH
Greinerstrasse 70
4550 Kremsmünster
+43 7583 7251-60301
[email protected]