Greiner Campus Kremsmünster

Sponsoring and Donations

In order to use the available funds with the greatest possible effect, all sponsorship and donation requests are processed centrally by Greiner AG. In this regard, requests for support must comply with the contents of the guideline listed here. 

Please send your request with the most important indicators (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, project description and type or scope of support required) to [email protected].


Our Responsibility

We as a company are committed to our corporate and social responsibility. Our social commitment is based on an understanding that we are a part of the society in which we work and produce. At the heart of our commitment is our responsibility to society, setting a positive example, promoting and initiating important improvements and standing up for sustainable business practices generally.

Here is the challenge we have set ourselves: We want to make a substantial contribution to a more sustainable, more livable world. As part of our commitment, we therefore seek long-term and sustainable partnerships and support projects in a variety of areas in the context of our sponsorship activities and charitable donations. We promote selected projects that are compatible with the subject areas we have defined and meet clearly defined requirements.

Our charitable donations and sponsorship activities are guided by three principles:

Principle: Transparency

  • Donations and sponsorships are granted exclusively to projects and events that are organized by natural persons, legal entities and associations and that are transparent. The sponsorship and the donation must be clearly and verifiably used for the intended purpose. It is essential that the sponsorship itself and the consideration agreed beforehand are documented.

Principle: Independence

  • Support is provided exclusively to organizations that are independent. The independence of the organizations from outside influence is another requirement for our undertaking to provide donations and sponsorship. Greiner AG remains independent and neutral both in the selection of its cooperation partners and in the nature of the support.

Principle: Sustainability

  • Only activities and projects that have a sustainable impact on society and the environment and that are characterized by action that preserves resources are supported. Greiner stands for sustainable actions in its environment across all of our divisions and sites. We therefore lend our support only to sustainable requests, i.e. those that create value in the long term and represent an environmental and social benefit for society.

Our charitable donations and sponsorship activities focus on clearly defined subject areas. Requests for support for projects in other areas are not considered.

Society and Culture

The solidarity of society is the foundation for almost everything. We therefore support people in need and disadvantaged members of society. Greiner promotes diversity and difference, multiple perspectives and equal opportunities. This is because social cohesion is greatest where society is shaped by diversity.

The projects that we support set out to effect permanent and measurable positive changes and enable the future well-being of society. The encounter with art and culture opens up new perspectives and often provides stimulus for new inspiration. It is therefore our pleasure to offer support in this area, too.


Our “Blue Plan” sustainability strategy shows how seriously we at Greiner view our responsibility and how we are taking key steps to reduce our ecological footprint. At the same, we want to set an example for others and also to play an additional role by supporting projects of external partners in the area of environmental protection.

Health and Sport

Our promotion of occupational health care is one of the aspects that makes Greiner an attractive employer. But this doesn’t stop at the company’s gates: a sporting and healthy lifestyle also promotes the mental wellbeing and performance of our employees. Which is why we support projects in the area of health and sport.

Education and Science

Investments in education and science are not only part of our social responsibility, they are also crucial to the continuation of our society. Helping young people develop is therefore of utmost importance to us, which is why we support selected educational initiatives and educational institutions.


The following are not supported:

  • Political parties and their supporting organizations (e.g. foundations / political academies)
  • Public officials
  • Alternative religious movements and organizations
  • Projects that are associated with high risks (e.g. pose a threat to people, animals, the environment)
  • Projects where the use of funds is not transparent or not clear
  • Organizations and projects that are in conflict with the values and principles (Compliance Policies) of Greiner AG
  • Individual athletes
  • School events, such as graduation parties or balls
  • Private events
  • Commercial projects

Donations and sponsorships are defined as follows:

  • A donation is a voluntary contribution in kind, cash payment or service for which – in contrast to sponsorship – no consideration is expected in return. It is also possible in these cases, however, that the recipient of a donation will also voluntary perform a service in return.
  • Sponsorship is based on a partnership between the sponsor and the sponsored party. The sponsor voluntarily supports people, groups, associations or institutions with contributions in kind, cash payments or services. A service provided in return by the sponsored party is always linked to this in a sponsorship arrangement. The basis of a sponsorship arrangement is a contract in which the services and the services in return are defined in order to be able guarantee the necessary transparency and verifiability.

With the aim of ensuring equal opportunities and verifiability, the criteria for awarding donations and sponsorships are defined in this policy. Selected projects are supported independently and voluntarily. Whether a donation is made or a sponsorship arrangement is agreed is decided on a case-by-case basis by the responsible persons at Greiner AG.

Every inquiry is examined separately and turned down or documented, as appropriate, in writing. Inquiries for donations and sponsorship can be made only in writing using the online form available at and must be submitted no later than eight weeks before the planned implementation.

A written contract or agreement is entered into for each form of support that is provided. The party receiving the sponsorship or donation is not entitled to any further claims of any kind against Greiner.

The sample contract provided by Greiner for sponsorship arrangements or donations has to be used for the written agreement, with some individual exceptions.

Recipients have no legal claim to receive sponsorship or a donation. Furthermore, recipients of donations or sponsorship that have already been provided have no claim of any kind to repeat or extended donations or sponsorship.