ThinCert from Greiner Bio-One: High throughput made easy

14. December 2023

Greiner Bio-One adds 96 well options to its ThinCert portfolio for high-throughput cell culture applications.

Membranbasierte Zellkultureinsätze für den Hochdurchsatz.

Tried-and-tested ThinCert cell culture inserts from Greiner Bio-One are a global success story in sophisticated cell and tissue culture applications. Adding new 96 well HTS products to the existing 6, 12 and 24 well portfolio is perfect for high-throughput applications and also minimises the costs per assay.

Membrane-based cell culture inserts such as the ThinCert inserts from Greiner Bio-One enable in vitro testing of specific tissue models (e.g., endothelia and epithelia) in transport, secretion, diffusion, migration, invasion and co-culture studies using air-lift and submersed culture methods. They are utilised in basic research and drug discovery, representing an ethically, scientifically and economically advantageous alternative to animal testing.

The existing ThinCert portfolio offers inserts for multiwell plates with a variety of membrane types and pore sizes/densities. Our latest addition is the ThinCert 96 well HTS insert, which supports highly parallelised application. Furthermore, miniaturisation and the reduced use of cells, media and reagents result in much lower costs per assay.

Each ThinCert 96 well HTS insert consists of a 96 well porous membrane plate and a receiver plate. The tissue culture treated PC membrane allows for an ideal exchange of nutrients and substances, creating in vivo-like cultivation conditions to facilitate optimal cell growth, monolayer formation, and tissue differentiation. The precise fit of the membrane plate prevents any potential wicking effect – that is to say, the undesirable formation of liquid bridges – thereby ensuring stable and reproducible assay conditions.

Wide range of applications thanks to varied membrane configurations

Analogous to the single inserts, the HTS version supports various applications in the field of drug screening as well as the exploration of physiological and pathological processes.

The HTS insert with a pore size of 0.4 µm is ideally suited for the generation of tissue models (e.g., endothelia and epithelia) in air-lift or submersed cultures that undergo high-throughput analysis in transport, permeability and co-culture studies.

Greiner Bio-One offers a unique variant with a special pore configuration that combines excellent permeability and transparency for microscopic monitoring of assays. An alternative with optimum permeability based on a high pore density is also available.

ThinCert HTS inserts with pore sizes of3 µm and 8 µm are particularly suited to testing cellular behaviour in motility studies. Their high transparency enables visual monitoring of mechanisms such as cell migration and invasion, which play a key role in physiological and pathological processes, including immune cell migration, the wound-healing process and tumour tissue metastasis.

ThinCert® is a registered trademark of Greiner Bio-One GmbH.


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