The Greiner Compliance System

The Greiner Compliance System has been in place since 2012 and covers all divisional companies. Each of these possesses its own Compliance Officer and in addition Local Compliance Officers have been installed at the respective international locations. Greiner AG steers the Compliance System, which complies with Austrian standards and has been awarded ISO 37301 certification. This certification applies to all Greiner companies and locations of every divisions.The certified Compliance Management System encompasses the Compliance areas of risk: antitrust law and corruption/fraud.

As a basis for the Compliance System, the Greiner Code of Conduct was drawn up with the aim of further guaranteeing sustainable group development in the future. Enshrined in the Code are rules of conduct that were extrapolated from Greiner’s philosophy, which among other factors focuses on longevity, trust and responsibility.

The Code of Conduct is distributed to every employee and is also accessible to all customers and business partners. It is intended to ensure the sustained integrity of employee behavior.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct can be reported via the group’s whistleblowing portal.

Greiner Compliance Manager &
General Counsel

Greiner AGMaximilian Wellner+43 50541-60277


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