Interview with biodiversity scientist Franz Essl

18. October 2023

Greiner Talks with Franz Essl

Interview with biodiversity scientist Franz Essl

“We are in trouble, but every person, institution and company can make a difference!” In this episode, you can listen to an interview with Austrian Scientist of the Year 2022 and biodiversity researcher Franz Essl. In addition to facts about the biodiversity crisis and the rapid progress of species extinction, the scientist also gave personal insights into his career and his love of nature.

Franz Essl is a professor at the University of Vienna and a member of the Austrian Biodiversity Council. He was awarded Austria’s Scientist of the Year in 2022. In conversation, he emphasizes that the loss of biodiversity not only affects known species, but also the unnoticed creatures that play an important role in our ecosystem. Given the alarming rate of species extinction, Essl stresses the importance of action at every level. He also points out the interaction between biodiversity loss and climate change.

Essl sees the role of companies in relation to biodiversity conservation as driving change. Policies should be aligned with science-based goals, and companies should join alliances that advocate for effective policies. Addressing the ongoing protests for climate protection, he shows understanding and points out the urgency of the message being conveyed.

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"Those who destroy biodiversity also contribute to climate change in many ways: Because destroying ecosystems like forests means releasing the carbon dioxide stored in the trees."

Franz Essl, biodiversity researcher

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