Gernot Wagner: A race toward the future

14. September 2023

Greiner Talks with Gernot Wagner

Gernot Wagner: A race toward the future

In this episode, renowned climate economist Gernot Wagner discusses the critical intersection of climate and economics with host Alexander Berth. He explains why we’re in a race against time and how it came to him having coffee with the Austrian Federal President in his apartment in New York.

Gernot Wagner was born in Austria and has lived in the USA for many years. He has been teaching and researching at Columbia Business School since 2022, before which he was at New York University and Harvard University. As a thought leader and advocate for sustainability, Wagner notes that addressing the climate crisis is not just a moral imperative but also an economic opportunity. It is crucial to price negative environmental impacts and to transition to clean energy.

Wagner also highlights the symbiotic relationship between urban environments and nature. He emphasizes how dense city living can make room for the preservation of natural spaces, stressing that urban areas and nature are mutually dependent. This perspective challenges the notion that city life and nature must be at odds and underscores the importance of smart urban planning in fostering sustainability.

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"It's a race toward the future. We are all part of this. New technologies turn out to be better technologies, and the decarbonized, high efficiency, low carbon life is advantageous economically, personally and societally. You save the climate too while you're at it."

Gernot Wagner, Klimaökonom

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