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Listen to our podcast Greiner Talks!

How to change? How to create a sustainable future? Greiner Talks is our podcast about sustainability and transformation. Listen in and get inspired! As a global producer of plastics and foam, Greiner carries enormous responsibility for the environment and the communities we operate in. We know that

MATR – Circular economy against mattress waste

Every year, 30 million mattresses are disposed of in Europe. The start-up MATR has set itself the goal of changing that. In the Greiner Talks interview, MATR co-founder Michaela Stephen talks about the startup’s beginnings, the role Greiner has played in the process, and why circular economy offers

Pride Month – Why It Matters…

Pride Month just unfolded, and a vibrant transformation is taking place across the corporate landscape. But the display of rainbow-colored logos is more than just a marketing strategy or a fleeting trend. Many companies are proudly showcasing their commitment to inclusivity by adorning their logos w

International Youth Day: We introduce you to the Greiner Climate Checkers

The United Nations has designated August 12 as International Youth Day and has set this day for 2024 under the motto “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World”. We are taking this day as an opportunity to introduce you to the Greiner Climate Checkers. We are aware that we can only achieve

Houses made from plastic bottles? Yes, that exists!

The word “waste” in “plastic waste” is definitely out of place here: SINA (Social Innovation Academy) turns old plastic bottles into a useful resource in Africa. We as Greiner support them in this. Learn more about the project here. A very special project was implemented in Uganda and the Democratic

Corinna Mitterschiffthaler becomes new Director Division Human Resources

Corinna Mitterschiffthaler took over the position of Director Division Human Resources at Greiner Bio-One on 2 April, succeeding Astrid Heuzonter, who is pursuing a new career path outside of Greiner Bio-One. As a member of the Greiner Bio-One Executive Committee, she will anchor and drive forward s

Gernot Wagner: A race toward the future

In this episode, renowned climate economist Gernot Wagner discusses the critical intersection of climate and economics with host Alexander Berth. He explains why we’re in a race against time and how it came to him having coffee with the Austrian Federal President in his apartment in New York. Gernot