Renewable Building Components: Greiner Invests in Startup Hempstatic

Greiner AG

Viennese startup produces bio-based noise insulation panels made of industrial hemp in Spillern, Lower Austria

Greiner Innoventures, Greiner’s innovation hub, is investing in the startup Hempstatic. Based on an idea that arose while studying at the Technical University of Vienna, Hempstatic now produces noise insulation systems from residues of industrial hemp in Spillern (Korneuburg district) in Lower Austria.

The construction and building sector now accounts for almost 40% of global CO2 emissions – and this is exactly the problem that Hempstatic is tackling: The startup’s first products are CO2-storing, bio-based noise insulation components for interiors. They improve the acoustics in echoing rooms and are characterized by a decorative look.

“We are pleased to have a startup in our portfolio now that offers an innovative, circular solution for reverberation and noise reduction. Right from the start, the founding team impressed us with its vision and its product,” says Viola Frank from Greiner Innoventures.

Long-term knowledge combined with startup expertise

“We are delighted to be able to get a strong international partner on board, with whose investment and support we will achieve our challenging milestones,” says Igor Fekete, co-founder and managing director of Hempstatic. This collaboration with Greiner represents a big opportunity, explains Elena Yaneva, co-founder and managing director of Hempstatic: “Our startup expertise is complemented by long-term knowledge from Greiner’s successful 154-year history. Its participation sets an example of best practiceshowing how startups and established companies can work together to speed up the necessary transition to closed-loop-oriented, low-emission production. We can benefit a lot from the collaboration with Greiner and are very pleased about its participation.”

Supporting startups as part of Greiner’s corporate strategy

Hempstatic, founded in 2022,is the fifth company in the portfolio of Greiner Innoventures, Greiner’s innovation hub. Greiner Innoventures has the goal of promoting innovations and actively shaping the future. It invests in European startups in the areas of beyond plastic, circularity, last mile, and digital care.

About Greiner Innoventures

Greiner Innoventures is Greiner’s innovation hub, working with startups as a corporate business angel to develop their ideas further. Greiner Innoventures looks where the future is happening and systematically implements these future issues in an entrepreneurial way.

About Hempstatic

Hempstatic processes high-quality agricultural residues of industrial hemp to make insulating materials. The company promotes the future potential of industrial hemp as a renewable resource in the construction industry with full commitment and dedication; and aims to develop into a driving force in the regional bio-based value chain and establish emerging new types of industrial symbiosis.