International Women’s Day: Greiner Sets Ambitious Equality Targets

Greiner AG

The proportion of management positions accounted for by women is to increase to 40% by 2030

For Greiner, one of the world’s leading plastic producers and employer of 11,000 people, International Women’s Day on March 8 represents an important opportunity to address the need for equality and equal opportunities.

“Equality isn’t something that just magically happens overnight – companies need to get proactive in making it happen. We want to increase the proportion of management positions accounted for by women to 40% by 2030. Right now, we’re nowhere near where we want to be, but we’re moving in the right direction. This is precisely why promoting diversity is an integral part of our global sustainability strategy,” says Axel Kühner, CEO of Greiner AG.

At the last count (2021), women accounted for 27% of management positions. Greiner has initiated a series of measures designed to help it achieve its ambitious target of 40%. In addition, a Group-wide task force addressing diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion was set up last year with the aim of delivering additional ideas and inspiration.

Greiner daycare center, job-sharing and flexible work sites

At the Kremsmünster site, an in-house daycare center was set up back in 2003 for looking after employees’ children aged one year and above. Greiner AG employees can also spend up to 80% of their working hours working from home or elsewhere. Job-sharing models are designed to make it easier for part-time staff as well to take on management roles and so provide the best possible support for parents – and especially women – with children to look after when they return to work from parental leave.

MINTality: the promotion of women starts right back in the career guidance stage

Greiner AG is also a founder member of the MINTality foundation, whose mission is to inspire more women to enter MINT careers – so careers in the fields of mathematics, informatics (computer science), natural science and technology. The foundation reaches out even to grade-school-age girls, aiming to spark their interest in technology in a fun way.

“Companies need to draw upon the skills and talents of everyone – boys and girls alike. Unfortunately, old and outdated stereotypes still often prevent girls from truly fulfilling their potential. By supporting the MINTality foundation, we want to do our bit to inspire girls to pursue careers in technology and science,” says Kühner.

“If we want a sustainable future, a future that is worth living in, everyone must have the same opportunities regardless of their sex or gender. Until this goal is achieved, we need International Women’s Day to underscore the importance of equality,” says Kühner.