Greiner works with AfB to give used company laptops a second chance

Greiner AG

Greiner and the non-profit company AfB are extending the life of IT hardware

What happens to a company laptop once it is no longer needed? Greiner’s IT department has taken a closer look at this question – and developed a concept for recycling used company hardware together with the non-profit company AfB.

A charitable organization specializing in the refurbishment of used IT hardware, around 50 percent of AfB’s employees are people with disabilities. The partnership between Greiner and AfB involves the refurbishment of used company laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones, which are then remarketed via AfB’s online shop. Greiner employees benefit from an extra discount on “their” equipment. Hardware that can no longer be repaired is recycled wherever possible. The remaining materials are handed over to European companies for recycling rather than being shipped overseas.

“We are delighted that this partnership is giving a second chance to the IT hardware we no longer need. Our employees can also benefit from the promotion by buying the equipment at a discounted price. In other words, our cooperation with AfB combines several important aspects: It is good for the environment, it promotes inclusion, and it is attractive for our employees,” said Markus Wagner, Head of Blue IT at Greiner AG.

“The partnership with Greiner represents an important milestone for our AfB location in Linz and an unequivocal win-win situation for all concerned. AfB performs certified data deletion and the full refurbishment of the equipment on behalf of Greiner AG. Our cooperation is making a valuable contribution to sustainability, resource conservation and, in particular, the inclusion of people with disabilities,” said Jürgen Münzner, AfB Sales Manager for Upper Austria and Salzburg.

About AfB

AfB (Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung) specializes in certified data destruction and the refurbishment of used business hardware. Guided by the principles of social and ecological responsibility, Europe’s largest non-profit IT company creates jobs for people with disabilities.