Greiner presents special award for education to music institute DoReMi

Greiner AG

As part of the “Orte des Respekts” (Places of Respect) initiative, Greiner has awarded “DoReMi – the social music institute” a prize of EUR 3,000. 

183 civil society projects were submitted in the online initiative “Orte des Respekts” this year. Among the five winning projects, “DoReMi” received a special award for education that was sponsored by Greiner AG.

At the social music institute DoReMi in Vienna, it doesn’t matter what a person’s language, religion, and background are. People with or without a migrant background and of all ages are given lessons in pairs, paying as much as they can afford.

“These “places of respect” create a sense of purpose, give hope, and open up prospects. We are delighted to make a contribution with the special award for education,” says Alexander Berth, Sustainability Communications Manager at Greiner AG, who handed over the award of EUR 3,000 at an award ceremony in Vienna on October 20.

Greiner: wide-ranging involvement in supporting education

Education is a very important topic for Greiner: After all, investing in education and science not only contributes to social responsibility, but is also crucial to the further development of our society. As a founding member of the MINTality foundation, for example, Greiner helps get girls interested in technology and maintain this enthusiasm so that they will consider completing an apprenticeship or degree in a MINT (mathematics, IT, natural sciences, and technology) subject and starting a career in this field. Greiner also helps promote young people and their educational opportunities by supporting “Teach for Austria.”

About Orte des Respekts 2022

“Orte des Respekts” is an online initiative of that was held for the fifth time in 2022. Every two years, initiatives from civil society are brought out into the spotlight to show people what they do and be an example to others. This year’s edition is sponsored by Raiffeisen NÖ-Wien as the main sponsor and Greiner as the sponsor for the education award.