Greiner looks to consolidate its foam competence

Greiner AG, Greiner Foam

Foam has long been a cornerstone of the global player Greiner AG and in the shape of a joint venture founded with Recticel in 1992, Greiner holds a 50% participation in Eurofoam, a leading producer of flexible polyurethane foam in Central and Eastern Europe. ​​​​​

Recticel S.A. is a stock exchange listed, Belgian manufacturer of polyurethane foam and has four operative divisions comprised by Flexible Foam, Bedding, Insulation and Automotive.

On April 16, 2019, the Irish Kingspan Group made a takeover bid for the Recticel Group’s Insulation and Flexible Foam Divisions and should this succeed in both cases, Greiner intends to purchase the Flexible Foams Division and thus strengthen its worldwide competence in the foam sector.