Greiner AG launches pilot project for climate-friendly mobility

Greiner AG

“The future of mobility is electric. Only with fully electric transportation and many other sustainability activities will we be able to minimize the impact of the climate crisis,” says Axel Kühner, Greiner CEO. Greiner AG has developed an electric car leasing model for its employees. More than a quarter of Greiner AG’s employees have taken up the offer within the framework of the pilot project and begun to drive electric cars. The employees use cars from BMW and Cupra, which they can charge in an environmentally friendly manner at their workplace. “Most of our employees rely on their car. I am delighted that so many of them have switched from the combustion engine to electric power. This shows that sustainability is truly put into practice at Greiner,” says Kühner.

The offer includes servicing, discounted insurance, and charging

The offer was made this year to employees of Greiner AG within the framework of the pilot project. Servicing for the car, comprehensive insurance and legal protection insurance were included, as well as environmentally friendly charging at the Greiner Campus in Kremsmünster. The campaign might be extended to additional employees next year. A roll-out to the Greiner Packaging, Greiner Bio-One and NEVEON divisions is currently being examined, so that as many Greiner employees as possible can switch to electric mobility at favorable conditions in the future.

Installation of photovoltaic plants at eight Greiner locations in Austria

At Greiner, the focus on sustainable mobility is accompanied by the significant expansion of photovoltaics (PV). Greiner AG and its three divisions are installing PV plants at eight Greiner locations in Austria. Here, solar cells convert sunlight into electrical energy. A portion of the electricity Greiner requires is thus generated directly on-site. “Greiner is looking to sustainable, green alternatives and with this major project is taking another step toward carbon neutrality,” says Stefan Grafenhorst, Global Head of Sustainability & Corporate Affairs at Greiner AG.

15,000 square meters of solar panels help Greiner achieve its sustainability targets

The PV expansion involves the rooftop installation of a total area of 15,000 m² or 9,500 individual solar panels. This is an area the size of more than two soccer pitches. The solar panels generate approximately 2.7 GWh of electricity every year. This covers around four percent of Greiner’s electricity requirement in Austria. In line with its focus on sustainability, in 2020 Greiner set itself the target of generating 1.5 percent of its global electricity requirement itself by 2025. The Austrian locations have already exceeded this figure thanks to the new PV plants. Installation of the PV plants in Austria began at the start of August 2022. Completion at all eight sites is expected in early 2023.