Greiner AG: New Supervisory Board members appointed

Greiner AG

Successful global plastics and foam specialist Greiner now has three new members on its Supervisory Board: Dominik Greiner, Nico Hansen, and Jakob Mosser.

Kremsmünster, Austria – July 13, 2020. Greiner AG’s Supervisory Board is now back at full membership capacity following the appointments of Dominik Greiner, Nico Hansen, and Jakob Mosser. There had previously been three vacancies on the Kremsmünster, Austria-based group’s oversight body after the departures of Claus Bernhardt, Tilman Schad, and René Wollert.

Erich Gebhardt will remain the Board’s president, while Dominik Greiner has been selected as his vice-president.

Dominik Greiner is a co-CEO and shareholder in WeXelerate GmbH, and the owner and CEO of Camouflage Ventures GmbH. He also holds shares in various other businesses. Dominik earned a degree in business administration, specializing in marketing and sales.

Nico Hansen worked at global private equity firm Apax Partners for 20 years, most recently in the role of chief investment officer. He served on the supervisory boards of various companies in Germany and abroad during this time. Nico Hansen studied economics in Göttingen and Los Angeles before receiving a PhD in economics from the University of Bonn.

Jakob A. Mosser brings many years of experience to the Board, including as a top manager and entrepreneur in the packaging industry, and is CEO of the COVERIS Group. Jakob A. Mosser studied applied geosciences at the University of Leoben and completed a number of postgraduate programs in finance, marketing, and management.

Following these appointments, the members of Greiner AG’s Supervisory Board are Erich Gebhardt (president), Dominik Greiner (vice-president), Christoph Greiner, Dr. Regine Hagen-Eck, Dr. Nico Hansen, Dr. Andreas Ludwig, Jakob Mosser, and Gerald Schinagl, along with employee representatives Maximilian Gressenbauer, Georg Kofler, Markus Rohrauer, and Ernst Zimmermann.