Greiner acquires Zeroplast: exploring new possibilities with alternative plastics

Greiner AG

Founded as a startup eight years ago, Zeroplast has now been renamed Greiner Zeroplast and become part of Greiner, one of the world's leading companies in the plastic and foam industry, based in Kremsmünster in Austria.

Greiner Zeroplast has made it its mission to develop alternatives suitable for everyday use to plastics that are commonly used. The injection-moldable material is one hundred percent sustainable as well as circular and will be advanced to a state of readiness for series production. "We regard ourselves as innovators and are reimagining plastics. We create unique bio-based materials for industrial injection-molding," said Erik I. Lippert, managing partner of Greiner Zeroplast.

This move is another step in Greiner's innovative and sustainable transformation. The acquisition was handled by the company's own innovation hub, Greiner Innoventures. "Greiner Innoventures does not merely monitor trends, but also seeks out and identifies promising and innovative technologies. With our new subsidiary Greiner Zeroplast, we are hoping to open up new opportunities in the field of alternative plastics," said Hannes Möseneder, managing director of Greiner Innoventures.

Greiner is not afraid of internal competition from its new subsidiary – quite the contrary, in fact. "We believe that nothing should be off limits when it comes to innovation. Greiner has been around for more than 150 years, and it all began with hand-made corks for bottles. If history has taught us anything, it's that radical innovations are sometimes necessary if we are to continue to be successful in the future," commented Axel Kühner, CEO of Greiner AG.

Supporting startups as part of Greiner's corporate strategy

Greiner Zeroplast is not the first startup with a production facility in Spillern to be supported by Greiner. Last year, Greiner Innoventures acquired a stake in Hempstatic, another startup also located in Spillern that makes soundproofing panels from hemp. Ultimately, the philosophy at Greiner is that both sides – innovative startups and established industry players – can benefit enormously from each other when the ideas involved complement each other well and so present new opportunities.

About Greiner Innoventures
Greiner Innoventures is Greiner’s innovation hub, working with startups as a corporate business angel to develop their ideas further. Greiner Innoventures looks where the future is happening and systematically implements these future issues in an entrepreneurial way.

About Greiner Zeroplast
Greiner Zeroplast creates material suitable for injection molding in series production that is 100% sustainable and is based on natural products. As a result of its acquisition by Greiner Innoventures, Greiner Zeroplast is now part of the Greiner Group. Its production facility is situated in Spillern, Lower Austria.
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