Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: Greiner provides rapid aid

Greiner AG

Greiner sees it as its duty to help the people in the Turkish and Syrian earthquake zone as quickly as possible and is therefore donating to CARE. As one of several aid organisations, CARE Turkey provides aid to the people on the ground and uses the donations to bring supplies to the disaster area.

“We are deeply saddened by the images and news reaching us after the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Our thoughts are with all the victims, the injured, their families and friends. We sincerely hope that those trapped under the rubble can be rescued as soon as possible. Every hour counts. The survivors and first responders urgently need our help. As a sign of #solidarity, Greiner has decided to immediately donate 20.000 Euros to the humanitarian organization CARE”, says Axel Kühner, CEO of Greiner AG.

Turkish Greiner locations not affected

Greiner has two sites in Turkey, employing a total of almost 300 people. Geographically, the two Turkish sites of Greiner Packaging and Greiner Bio-One are located about 800 kilometres away from the earthquake area and therefore did not suffer any damage.