Award for Greiner’s childcare center “Greiner Krabbelstube”

Greiner AG

Sustainable health promotion already starts with the youngest children in the childcare center! With the successful implementation of the basic criteria of the Upper Austrian health project "healthy childcare center" in everyday care, the company childcare center “Greiner Krabbelstube” was awarded the coveted award for the first time at the end of October.

Based on the pillars "exercise", "nutrition" and "psychosocial health", the children are given daily access to health-promoting measures. In this way, they are supported in their development in the best possible way. The holistic implementation in the childcare center “Greiner Krabbelstube” offers the children optimal conditions to build up healthy thinking and behaviour patterns.

Exercise is possible at any time through a wide variety of movement opportunities (indoors or outdoors in the spacious garden), healthy nutrition, but above all the area of psychosocial health, which is so important for children of this age and ensures that the children "arrive" at the childcare center. Always taking time for individual needs is a prerequisite for the child and its parents to build trust and for the child to feel comfortable.

At the award ceremony in the Redoutensäle in Linz, Deputy Governor and Health Provincial Councillor Christine Haberlander presented the prize to Petra Mühldorfer (head of the Greiner Krabbelstube) and Barbara Schamberger (chairwoman of the "Drehscheibe Kind" association, which also runs the "Greiner Krabbelstube").

"The childcare center is intended for children under the age of three – for them it is the first time they are looked after by others and also a time that has a decisive influence on them. It is therefore even more important that children and care staff feel comfortable in the Greiner Krabbelstube. The many positive feedbacks confirm our chosen path," says Barbara Schamberger, chairwoman of the association "Drehscheibe Kind".

The prize ceremony was also attended in person by Nicole Schnedt, Head of Human Resources at Greiner AG, and herself a mother of an almost two-year-old son who is looked after at Greiner Krabbelstube. “The children receive very loving care at the Greiner Krabbelstube. As a mother, I am incredibly grateful for this care facility so close to where I work. This reflects Greiner’s genuine commitment to work-life balance. Thus, I am delighted that Greiner Krabbelstube has now received this prize,” said Nicole Schnedt, Head of Human Resources at Greiner.

Company Childcare for 20 Years

The Greiner Krabbelstube opened its doors 20 years ago. This made it one of the first company childcare facilities in the region. It was founded on the initiative of the Greiner family, in cooperation with the “Drehscheibe Kind” Association from Steyr. The childcare center is housed in the “Greiner Villa” in Kremsmünster, where the Greiner family itself used to live. There are slots for twenty children in total, and the childcare center is open to children from the Kremsmünster community as well as those of Greiner employees. Around 320 children have been cared for since the Greiner Krabbelstube opened. In addition, Greiner offers holiday care for children from three to ten years in cooperation with Caritas.