Products for ­Daily Life

Even if they would not be recognized as such at a glance, products from Greiner are indispensable for our daily life – whether it is the yogurt pot at breakfast, the rear shelf in the car on the way to work or the foam mattresses that we sleep on.

To a large extent, Greiner Holding AG is divided into areas of competence: Greiner Packaging International produces plastic packaging for the food and non-food sectors. Greiner Bio-One International is one of the world's leading companies in the fields of preanalytics, life sciences and diagnostics. Greiner Foam International produces foams for many wide-ranging applications and visible parts for the interior and trunk as well as acoustic components especially for premium vehicle manufacturers. The Greiner Extrusion Group  is the worldwide leading supplier of extrusion lines, tooling and complete systems for profile extrusion.

In addition to the four operative divisions, Greiner Holding AG also includes Greiner Real Estate, Greiner Technology & Innovation and the Greiner crèche.