MATR – Circular economy against mattress waste

24. April 2023

Greiner Talk with MATR Co-Founder Michaela Stephen

MATR – Circular economy against mattress waste

Every year, 30 million mattresses are disposed of in Europe. The start-up MATR has set itself the goal of changing that. In the Greiner Talks interview, MATR co-founder Michaela Stephen talks about the startup’s beginnings, the role Greiner has played in the process, and why circular economy offers a great opportunity for us all.

MATR offers an all-in-one mattress solution for hotels based on the principles of the circular economy. Because “It’s time we make the world more circular”. Michaela Stephen founded the company together with Verena Judmayer – and was able to build on the support of Greiner Innoventures, Greiner’s innovation hub.

MATR’s mattresses have a 50 percent lower carbon footprint than conventional mattresses and can be rented or purchased by hotels. The product life cycle is extended as much as possible through maintenance and replacement of various components. The mattress material is recycled and reused at the end of the life cycle. Listen in now and learn more about MATR!

“For me it's always been creating a business that is sustainable financially, but also sustainable in terms of its everyday operations and the impact it has on the planet.”

Michaela Stephen, co-founder of MATR

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